HORRORS OF WAR – 35mm demo scene

Instead of making a trailer, we made a narrative scene indicative of the flavor and feel of what the feature film would be like.

And we were able to sell multiple foreign territories based on this work, which helped us raise the funds to shoot the entire feature a year later.



IN THE TRENCHES OF AN INDIE FILM the making of Horrors of War

The recently remastered HD copy of the feature length documentary IN THE TRENCHES, a behind the scenes look at making my first feature film HORRORS OF WAR, a World War II Nazi Zombie Werewolf movie.


I have often said this documentary is vastly superior to the actual movie we made. There are all of our mistakes and triumphs on display as we struggle to create an ambitious B-Movie.

From the concept to screenwriting to shooting to editing to touring the country screening the film, this is a master class in low budget filmmaking.